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Bending Branches

Bending Branches Splash


With its durable, aluminum shaft, your younger paddler will be able to easily grip and propel the kid-sized polypropylene blades. The Bending Branches Splash will let them feel the thrill of paddling...

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Bending Branches Sunburst 11


The Bending Branches Sunburst’s blade is hand-crafted in Osceola Wisconsin, and is a striking combination of red alder and basswoods. The blade surface is fiberglass-reinforced and the tip is...

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Bending Branches Sunburt ST


The Bending Branches Sunburst’s blade is hand-crafted in Osceola Wisconsin, and is a striking combination of red alder and basswoods. The blade surface is fiberglass-reinforced and the tip is...

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Bending Branches Sunrise


The Bending Branches Sunrise Glass recreational kayak paddle by Bending Branches balances it all: performance, comfort, and style. The Sunrise Glass has polypropylene blades that pull through the...

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Bending Branches Traveler


The Bending Branches Traveler recreational canoe paddle is ideal for flat water paddling. It has a five-laminate blade handcrafted of basswood and red alder in Osceola, Wisconsin, and it has Bending...

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Bending Branches Twig


The Bending Branches Twig recreational canoe paddle is specifically designed for kids. This is a well-balanced, durable paddle with a T-grip, making it easier to control. The Twig also has a Bending...

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Bending Branches Viper


The Bending Branches Viper is ergonomically designed with a double bend shaft to help keep both wrists aligned when paddling. This reduces fatigue and is a great benefit for wilderness tripping. This...

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Bending Branches Whisper


The Bending Branches Whisper combines durability with many extra features at a crazy low price! The aluminum shaft, with a tight fitting 2 piece snap-button ferrule, is controlled comfortably by...

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Welcome to our Bending Branches online store where we carry all the Bending Branches canoe paddles, kayak fishing paddles, kayak paddles, and stand up paddles! Expert recommendations from our experienced on the water staff for over 40 years!

Bending Branches based out of Osceola, Wisconsin is the largest paddle manufacturers in the world and for good reason. In 1982 co founder Dale Kicker's idea of building a better, more durable canoe paddle started with high hopes in a family two car garage in North St. Paul. Bending Branches (named for those bent shaft paddles), blossomed into the largest canoe and kayak paddle manufacturers in the world today. The company now based across the St. Croix River has over 50 employees making more paddles than any other company, more than 160 different types of paddles. As the world's largest manufacturer of quality canoe and kayak paddles, Bending Branches remain a privately held company staffed with paddling enthusiasts. The innovation of designing, prototyping, testing, and finally perfecting each and every Bending Branches paddle, until it is lighter, stiffer, smarter, and more durable than the first.

In designing world class canoe paddles, in the forefront of development is durability, beauty, and performance, thus proprietary technology Rockgard is applied to each wooden paddle. This proprietary technology maintains the integrity of the paddle, seals moisture and protects the most vulnerable areas tips and edges. The unmatched shock absorption that Rockgard provides which helps wooden paddles last six times longer. So, whether maneuvering through rocky river water or if you're in need of a push off the rock to keep you moving the Rockgard protected paddles are the answer.

The Four Time Angler Paddle of the Year Bending Branches Angler Pro is a must use! The new Angler Pro boasts all new patterns, it's lighter than the previous generation of Angler Pro by two ounces, with larger blades for a more powerful stroke. The Angler Pro has a smooth forward stroke for effortless paddling, with the snap button or plus telescoping ferrule, the Angler Pro can be adjusted up to 260 centimeters for wide, sit on top fishing kayaks. From canoe, kayak fishing, touring, to stand up paddles, Bending Branches a world class America made paddle to fit your next adventure on the water! The spirit of adventure continues to drive Bending Branches to enhance your paddling experience.

What makes Bending Branches world class paddle different than every other paddle in the world? Quality made Paddles you can trust. Lightweight Paddles so you can spend more time on the water. Innovative Products to elevate your paddling experience. Tranquility of being outside much more tranquil.

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