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Bonafide Kayaks

Bonafide Kayaks

Bonafide Kayaks EX123 2020


The Bonafide Kayak EX123 was designed with stability, versatility, and utility in mind, making it a great choice for paddling, camping, fishing, or all of the above! One of the most unique sit-inside...

Bonafide Kayaks

Bonafide Kayaks RS117 2020


Now, more paddlers than ever can rise up to a premium, authentically designed, American made kayak. The Bonafide Kayaks RS117 (RiSe) is the ultimate paddlecraft for the everyday angler or casual...

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Bonafide Kayaks

Bonafide Kayaks SS107 2020


Don’t confuse the compact SS107 with an entry level or “small person” kayak. This portable beast boasts premium fishing features with a small footprint and a serious payload...

Bonafide Kayaks

Bonafide Kayaks SS127 2020


The SS127 “Sit/Stand” fishing kayak is the result of months of R&D and has been carefully designed for Ultimate Fishability™. Designed for maximum stability without sacrificing...

Welcome to our Bonafide Kayaks online store buy with confident online or local pick up. Expert recommendations from our experienced fishing team of over 40 years.

The Tennessee Authorized Dealer for Bonafide Kayaks SS127, SS107, RS117, and the latest Bonafide Kayak EX123. The Bonafide Kayaks exceeds all anglers expectations and delivers on true paddling innovation. Bonafide signature catamaran hull balances stability with performance, speed, and all around handling. From the hinges that turn into latches to the waterproof console to the high/low seat system, a lot of thought went into the little details. Bonafide Kayaks the next generation of fishing kayaks founded by Luther Cifers and manufactured in the U.S.A.

The Bonafide Kayaks is only one year old kayak company with Luther Cifers as CEO Bonafide Kayaks and President of YakAttack. Luther Cifers is a self made entrepreneur that has a keen insight into innovation and design. Luther says, "Our goal was to produce the highest quality most fishable kayaks in the world."

"At Bonafide Kayaks we are listening, fishing kayak design we will put the end user first. We will question conventional thinking, and we will bring forward concepts and products that answer those needs. What we've doing here at Bonafide Kayaks is a scientific approach to development. We are allowing data and quantitative measurements to drive Bonafide designs and will provide kayaks that are precisely engineered to meet the needs of today's kayak anglers," states CEO Luther Cifiers.

Bonafide Kayaks Team is amongst the most talented and experienced in the paddle sports industry. Hans Nutz is a industrial designer, an lifetime outdoors enthusiast, and a avid kayaker. He currently heading design at Bonafide. Matt Montaruli is the engineering manager with experience in product design and product development in the field of fishing kayaks. Kelley Woolsey headed up marketing and sales for Confluence WaterSports now known as Confluence Outdoor. Also, help built the industry giant Pelican International into the largest kayak and Stand Up Board supplier in the world. Kelley says, "I met some of the Bonafide Kayaks Team and saw that they lived and truly believed in their message and their culture, and I was eager to become part of it. I'm ecstatic about my new role. I look forward to sharing my excitement and enthusiasm for Bonafide Kayaks."

"At the end of the day, we will do everything we can to produce the highest quality, most thoughtfully designed and most carefully engineered fishing kayaks possible and be committed to manufacturing in the U.S.A.," states Bonafide CEO Luther Cifers. The Bonafide Kayaks Limited Lifetime Hull Warranty gives you the peace of mind you deserve. It's our promise to you that we stand behind each and every one of our fishing kayaks.

If you are a experienced kayak angler looking for the next sit-on-top fishing kayak, or just starting out, we want to be part of your next adventure. "You Only Get One Life. Live The Story You Want To Tell." in your Bonafide Fishing Kayak. Don't take our word for it, visit us at one of our local locations to see the largest selection of Bonafide Kayaks at the Tennessee Kayak Superstore.

Tennessee Bonafide Kayak Authorized Dealer the largest selection of Bonafide fishing kayaks in stock. 931-858-5222 Call to Schedule a Bonafide Kayak Demo Free!