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Yo-Zuri L-Minnow 2-5/8"


Yo-Zuri’s L-Minnows Series™ is used for controlled depth fishing. This legendary lures sinks at a faster rate than most standard “minnow-style” hardbaits on the market. In a style similar to spoon...

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Welcome to our Fishing Online Store where you can buy from the largest selection of Yo-Zuri fishing lures! Expert recommendations from our CFO experienced on the water staff for over 40 years!

Yo-Zuri has been making the highest quality fishing lures for over 50 years. Yo-Zuri fishing lures are crafted to be the most realistic fishing bait, the fastest actions, and the best designed hard bait in the industry. The company has developed technologically advanced fishing lures that constantly lead the fishing industry and has become one of the top rated brands of hard baits in the world. Due to their acceptable quality, Yo-Zuri fishing lures have stood the test of time and have continue to be sought out by professional anglers. Yo-Zuri is committed to helping anglers have their best fishing days with innovated and high quality fishing lures!

When thinking about bait selection, I generally follow this Rule of Thumb " Anything will work as long as it's a Yo-Zuri!" Another Rule of Thumb is to always rely on your chrome/shine colors on sunny days and more natural colors on cloudy, darker days. When using Yo-Zuri, I always start with a nice medium speed retrieve, speeding up and slowing down to get a feel for how aggressive the fish are on that day. I'm careful to not let myself get in too much of a rhythm with the retrieve. It's important to make a lure deflect from stumps, docks, rocks, etc. that will cause the lure to change directions. That's causes the fish to react! Yo-Zuri lures is a must have in your tackle box, these baits really are so effective! Buy Yo-zuri fishing lures online now!