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Welcome to the World of Kayaking

Kayaking is the use of a kayak to move across a body of water! A kayak is low to the water craft, canoe like boat in which the paddler sits facing forward, using a double bladed paddle to pull front to back on each side in rotation for propulsion. In the day most kayaks were closed decks, although in modern times sit on top and inflatable kayaks are growing in popularity. Well, that was then, now kayaks are classified by their designs which has its specific advantage, including performance, maneuverability, stability, and paddling style. Kayaks can be made of numerous materials composite is a blend (fiberglass aramid, carbon fiber), polyethylene is (plastic), kevlar, wood covered in (fiberglass, resin), inflatable fabrics and recently expensive feather light carbon fiber. Each of the kayak materials has a specific advantage, including strength, durability, portability, flexibility, resistance to ultraviolet and storage requirements. Inflatable kayaks made from light weight fabric can be deflated, easily transported, and stored. Consider to be remarkably tough and durable.

Kayaks have become an increasingly popular means of enjoying leisure boating and water sports. The kayaks resemble canoes in that both are long, narrow, lightweight paddle boats, which are pointed at both ends. Like the canoes, kayaks have a hull, which is the hollow bottom shell of the water craft. Kayaks are water displacement vessels, which means they float just below the surface, forcing the water to be pushed aside as they move. The kayak cockpit is the opening placed in the center of the deck where the kayaker will sit. The cockpit is surrounded by a raised lip called the coaming. The features of the kayak include elastic strapping or bungee cord across the deck for carrying light weight kayak equipment. Other kayak will have waterproof hatches that give access to the floor and storage compartments. Some touring, recreational, and fishing kayaks have a rudder controlled by foot pedals for steering. For some, they may be interested in kayaking as a workout for good health and fitness. Others may only want to pursue kayaking for a occasional leisure paddling or touring of the outdoors. Caney Fork Outdoors has the largest selection of USA made recreation, touring, exploration, and fishing kayaks online or In-Store for your next paddling adventure. Your top source for the best of Recreation, Touring, and Exploration kayaks from the top Brands, Jackson Kayak, Bonafide Kayaks, Hobie Kayaks, Nucanoe, Old Town Canoe & Kayaks and Blue Sky Boatworks for those many moments of sheer pleasure on the water.

The kayak has long been a means of transportation and a stealth means of approaching easily spooked fish. Kayak fishing has gained much popularity due to its broad appeal as an environmentally, friendly, and healthy means of transportation. The relatively low cost of entry compared to motorized bass boats or other water crafts. Fishing kayaks allow for greater access by their ability to move thru shallow water, getting in and out along the river streams. Kayaks have the ability to find solitary environment where boats may not have the ability to go. Now you're ready to tour the big water lakes, rivers, oceans, or even the smallest of waterways in your kayak.Equip yourself for the kayaking journey ahead.

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