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Jackson Kayak

Jackson Kayak 24V 22 AH K2 Lithium Battery Kit


Long days on the water with little downtime means you need a long-lasting, heavy-duty power solution - which is precisely where this battery comes in! Featuring more than twice the runtime of our 9.6Ah battery, this is the perfect battery combo for the...

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Jackson Kayak

Jackson Kayak 24V 9.6 AH K2 Lithium Battery Kit


The perfect battery combo for your Jackson Flex Drive E! Includes a 9.6 Ah 24V K2 sealed lithium battery, charger, battery bag, 9” x 5 Pitch 24V Prop optimized for use with 24V lithium batteries, shear pin, allen key, screw, prop hub and Owners...

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Jackson Kayak

Jackson Kayak Flex Drive E Motor Kit


Pedal, Paddle and Power options are all here now with the introduction of the Flex Drive E (FD-E)! Compatible only with Flex Drive-equipped boats from Jackson, including our Jackson fishing kayaks and Blue Sky boats, the Flex Drive E is an electric drive...

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Blue Sky Boatworks

Blue Sky Boatworks 360 Tri-Cat 2020


The newest member of the Blue Sky family is the most versitile yet! A trimaran whose generous deck accommodates a wide range of outfitting and propulsion options, the Tri-Cat will appeal to families, resorts, anglers and adventurers who want to leave...

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Blue Sky Boatworks

Blue Sky Boatworks 360 Angler 2019

$3,699.00 $3,199.00

For those who want a boat specifically designed for fishing, the Blue Sky Boatworks 360 Angler sits comfortably between the bass boat and the kayak without compromising space, comfort, accessories, storage, stealth and the ability to get to those...

Blue Sky Boatworks

Blue Sky Boatworks 360 Escape 2019

$3,399.00 $2,699.00

For those who simply wish to enjoy the great outdoors, cruise lakes and spend the day on the water, taking photos, casting a line, getting some exercise, touring with other boats the Blue Sky Boatworks Escape is for you. Designed for comfort, stability...

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Welcome to the world of Blue Sky Boatworks. Blue Sky Boatworks on the go! FREE Local Delivery up to 200 miles, for a Limited Time. Call 931-858-5222 to see if you are eligible For FREE delivery and NO TAX outside of Tennessee.

Meet the Blue Sky BoatWorks 360 Angler and it's recreation sibling, the Blue Sky 360 Escape. The all round fishing machine Blue Sky 360 Angler it's a new kind of quiet, nimble, stable, and comfortable watercraft. Step aboard a fishing platform like no other that blends a bass boat's stability and room with the stealth, agility, and portability of a kayak. The sheer versatile of the Blue Sky 360 Angler to be pedaled, paddled, poled or driven by the new E-Drive electric motor. Trailer the 360 Angler, Slide it into the back of your pickup or car top it; integrated wheels make it easy to get to the vehicle to water. Once on the water, the fully adjustable Captain's Seat swivels for a commanding view and all day comfort. The space is endless 30 sq. ft. of space for all your gear, Orion Cooler, in hull storage for extra rods, your four legged friend, plus a seat on the Orion for that little fishing Buddy, with more room left to stand and sight cast. You will appreciate the Blue Sky stability walk right off the dock onto the deck; freedom to move with complete confidence on your wide open fishing platform. You will be amazed at how quickly you get the Blue Sky up to speed and keep it there with very little effort.

Jackson Kayak and sister brand Blue Sky Boatworks took top honors winning Best Boat category at ICAST 2018 awards for the Blue Sky 360 Angler. Blue Sky BoatWorks everywhere you turn, the 360 Angler is the New class of fishing craft. See the Blue Sky 360 Angler in action at Caney Fork Outdoors 931-858-5222.

Meet the Blue Sky 360 Escape the recreation sibling to the 360 Angler! The Blue Sky 360 Escape just like it's big brother with the new kind of quiet, stable, comfortable, natural recreational water platform. Stepping onto the deck of the 360 Escape it is immediately apparent this is a user friend watercraft. Offering the user friendliness of a big recreation boat in the manageable size of a kayak. The 360 Escape features a pontoon hull design for superior stability while maintaining speed and tracking. The open concept for those with mobility issues or poor balance can walk right onto the deck without the fear of tipping. The wide open concept makes moving about easily, provides a ton of room for you, your gear, and you could even bring your children or your dog for your on the water adventure. The 360 Escape offers a complete hands free experience that lets you take pictures, sightsee, bird watch, and just have fun. The forward and reverse capabilities is possible because of the Flex Drive's unique design features an articulated shaft protects the prop when paddling in shallow water or near submerged obstacles on the water. The Blue Sky design also provides an easy way to clean away weeds or debris as the hinged prop cover is located directly in front of the seat for easy access. The sheer versatile of the Blue Sky 360 Escape to pedaled, paddled, poled or driven by the new E-Drive electric motor. Three words Quality Family Time acquaints to Blue Sky BoatWorks 360 Escape.

Blue Sky Boatworks everywhere you turn, the 360 Escape is the New Class of Recreation craft. See the Blue Sky 360 Escape in action at Caney Fork Outdoors 931-858-5222.

Meet the Blue Sky Tri-Cat the biggest brother of Blue Sky Boats the third product introduction of 2018! A true trimaran whose generous deck accommodates a wide range of outfitting and propulsion options. The Blue Sky Tr-Cat will be a great addition to any families watercraft fleet, perfect for two anglers, and all adventure sighters who want to leave nothing behind on the deck. The new Tr-Cat features side-by-side fully adjustable seating and loads of deck space for the Orion Cooler, all the outdoor gear, even all the kids and family, well just about whatever you want to take with you. There is three sleek hulls secured to a marine grade aluminum frame decked with cushy high density foam for a comfortable ride, with the optional Bimini top. Jameson Redding brand manager for Blue Sky BoatWorks said, "The third hull amplifies what was already the most stable craft in its class, an 80" beam makes the Tr-Cat virtually unflippable. The integrated wheel system is inboard on this for unobstructed docking. The cabling for rubber control is routed through the hull, for a cleaner deck and full turn swivel on the seats."

"Where the Tri-Cat doesn't deviate is in its portability according to Jameson, "In some ways, this larger personal craft is even easier to transport than the Angler 360," he said. "Most will want to just trailer the Tri-Cat. On the water you have multiple options for driving the Tri-Cat. Standard outfitting includes twin Flex Drives, TM pedal systems, E-Drive system gives you an electric option, you can choose to go with one electric and one pedal or opt for two E-Drives and cruise fully electric.

The Blue Sky Tri-Cat in it's natural setting Mom, Dad, and Kids Together on the Water!

Blue Sky BoatWorks is a entirely new line of muti-hull watercraft that takes comfort, ease of propulsion and stand up stability to new levels. These super stable craft offer easy access from the beach or dock, and open a world of possibilities for those who seek more than current kayaks offer. Blue Sky BoatWorks are built at Jackson Kayak in Sparta, Tennessee near the Caney Fork River our backyards!

The Tennessee Blue Sky Boatworks Authorized Dealer the largest selection of Blue Sky 360 Anglers and 360 Escape models in stock at Caney Fork Outdoors online store or local FREE delivery up to 200 miles.