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Malone Auto Racks

Malone Auto Racks

Malone Clipper Cart


The Malone Clipper is a easy to use cart for canoes or kayaks with a high load capacity. It can transport up to 200lbs to and from the water, which makes it ideal for large kayaks and canoes. The...

Malone Auto Racks

Malone Xpress Cart


The Malone Xpress Cart features an adjustable width to fit nearly every scupper style kayak in the industry. Each Xpress will come with 2 cross bar assemblies that offer a range of scupper hole fit...

Welcome to our Malone Carrier Systems online store all your favorite Malone Auto Racks and Trailers. Expert recommendations from our experienced on the water staff of over 40 years.

Malone Auto Racks the leading kayak sports trailer and kayak rack accessory company located in the great state of Maine. The company is the outdoor leader in new innovated kayak rack and kayak carrier systems. " Here at Malone, we like to think we are doing more than selling a product. We are providing the very best long term solution and ongoing support for your transport needs," states Malone CEO.

Every product Malone Auto Racks produces must be affordable, easy to install and the last simple to use. The kayak rack and kayak carrier systems are built to enhance the outdoorsman enjoyment while minimizing their carbon footprint. Malone racks and kayak sport trailers products goal is to always give the customer the underlying best value in the outdoor marketplace.

Malone Auto Racks one of the first to offer a high quality low cost kayak sports trailer. It continues with a lifetime warranty. And finally when you decide to replace your aging system with the newest Malone product, you can send any of the products back to the company for green disposal under the Malone Recycling Program.

The Malone company bringing you the best in roof racks, water sport carriers, kayak loading systems, safety lines, security cables, roof cargo carriers, roof bike racks, kayak transport carts, water sport trailers, kayak trailers, and kayak accessories all in one place. You know you need a new accessories for that next kayak adventure so why wait buy now online.

Tennessee Malone Auto Racks and Kayak Sport Trailers Authorized Dealer. Buy Malone Auto Racks online Free Shipping $49.00 minimum purchase.