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In the last ten years the explosion of fishing kayaks have grown safer, easier to operate. and more comfortable. The latest fishing kayak doesn't even need a paddle, it's pedal drive, mirage drive, H2Pro Drive, or E-Drive power. The newest generation of fishing kayaks are so efficient, and fishable, they're the Go-To choice of anglers everywhere both fresh water and saltwater. Maybe you are are an avid fisherman who is looking to try something different or maybe you are new to fishing. Before you can choose the most appropriate fishing kayak for your particular need, you will first need to consider what type of kayak fishing you intend to pursue freshwater or saltwater fishing. It is important to understand that freshwater or saltwater kayak fishing presents the angler with different paddling conditions. Thus the different types of kayak hull designs come into play for those particular conditions. The sport of kayak fishing is extremely fun, very affordable, and one of the most effective ways to catch fish!

Jackson Kayak unsurpassed innovations truly revolutionized kayak fishing with unprecedented stability, and standability, with the superior designed Flex Drive/Electric Drive. Jackson Kayak Bite is the new class of price point fishing kayaks. The Jackson Bite design is the highest level of quality and performance, which is found on all Jackson fishing Kayaks. Jackson Kayak Big Rig HD all the bells and whistles upgrade features just like it's little brothers Coosa HD and Cuda HD with superior stability and standability performance. Jackson Kayak Big Rig Flex Drive it's the King of stable fishing kayaks optimized with Flex Drive, Electric Drive, or just paddle power that's the new Big Rig HD FD. Jackson Kayak Big Rig everything is big and better on the Big Rig designed for superior stability performance in any water environments. Jackson Kayak Coosa HD the heavy duty, tracking, stability like no other fishing machine. Coosa HD taking your fishing game to the next level. Jackson Kayak Coosa Flex Drive pedal system allows hands free fishing, versatility and flexibility in a wide range of scenarios, with option to add the E-Drive power unit. Jackson Kayak Coosa is 11'2" length sporty and nimble to best handle "fishy" swift water situations. A stand and fish from the Coosa, a solid deck and clear easy casting. Jackson Kayak Kilroy sit inside fishing kayak with a incredibly fast and quiet hull based off the Cuda HD. Kilroy is a highly versatile fishing machine for fly anglers and duck hunters alike. Jackson Kayak Cuda HD fast, sleek, longer, wider size the Cuda HD added stability and increased tracking and speed for anglers wanting to fast track to their fishing spot. Jackson Kayak Kraken 13.5 design for the challenging fishing environments in the world. The Kraken 13.5 is for big open water, created for speed, comfort, and perfect trim. Jackson Kayak Mayfly loaded with fly fishing features versatile for all your fishing adventures. The Mayfly sleek clean deck design to optimize time on the river,lakes, or flats. Jackson Kayak Big Tuna the largest capacity fishing kayak solo or tandem. Big Tuna comes equipped with the "Tuna Tank" a bait tank or live well. The Big Tuna is for big game animals or little game fishermen! Jackson Kayak Liska versatile inshore or lake kayak fishing platform clean deck, wider, more stable undated features that experienced anglers demand. Jackson Kayak Skipper is designed for the little anglers of the world to be just like their Dad's kayak loaded with the same features of the JK Coosa fishing models.

Bonafide Kayaks has designed their fishing kayak with versatility for maximum stability without sacrificing paddling performance. The Bar was set Ultimate Fishability.

Bonafide Kayaks 127SS is truly an incredible fishing kayak, designed by anglers for Ultimate Fishability performance in all water environments. Bonafide Kayaks 117 compact, high end fishing kayak features for the everyday angler. Bonafide Kayaks SR107 offers premium fishing kayak features with a small footprint and a serious payload. Bonafide Kayaks EX117

Nucanoe confidence, inspiring stability, open and customizable deck for the ultimate fishing, or hunting experience on the water.

Nucanoe Frontier 12 incredibly versatile solo or tandem fishing kayak that a paddle, pedal, or motor watercraft. Nucanoe Pursuit clean, open deck in the name of speed with superior performance. Nucanoe Flint unbeatable all round paddling performance, with a modest price for a fishing kayak.

Hobie Fishing Kayaks state of the art technology Mirage Drive 180 impressive innovations of the Guardian Transducer Shield that revolutionized kayak fishing.

Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 maximum stability, and performance in fresh and salt water Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 comes fully loaded, spacious, and stable so anglers deliver kayak fishing nirvana. Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 17T the dynamic fishing platform that is a tandem fishing kayak, it's hitting the water with multi person excursions. Hobie Mirage Outback is a legendary, versatile, fast, exceedingly nimble, fishing machine comes fully loaded maneuverable fishing kayak with a payload of 400 lbs. Hobie Mirage Compass is a world class fishing kayak simplified to tackle every fishing adventures. Hobie Mirage i11s inflatable, pedal drive, stable, low profile fishing kayak getting you close to the water than ever before. Hobie Mirage Revolution 13 sleek, fast, stealthy, customizable, weighing only 70 lb. fishing kayak.

Old Town Canoe & Kayak the world's oldest, largest, most revered manufacturer crafting the finest canoes and fishing kayaks so you can spend more time on the water. Old Town Canoe & Kayak Predator MK fills the gap between the fishing kayak and the bass boat with the Minn Kota hands free fishing. Old Town Canoe & Kayak Predator 13 long, lean, sleek, fast, go anywhere, anytime and standibility all day long. Old Town Canoe & Kayak Predator PDL with forward, reverse, maneuverability, and stability you are in control focus on fishing. Old Town Canoe & Kayak Predator MX the little brother of the predator series that packs everything in for the best fishing experience. Old Town Canoe & Kayak Vapor Angler the sit inside weekend warrior, roomy cockpit, stable and lots of storage.

Then there is the Ultimate Fishing Platform Blue Sky Boatworks for anglers looking for the Newest kind of quiet and stealth watercraft.

Blue Sky Boatworks 360 Angler a 30 sq ft. fishing platform nimble as a kayak, stable as a catamaran, comfortable and customizable as a bass boat. "I Love this seat, it is easy to stand up and walk around on the deck of the boat, and even sitting it is a much higher viewpoint than kayak seats can offer. Great for sight fishing." Ed Thomas Blue Sky 360 angler owner.

Tennessee Kayak Superstore largest selection of USA make fishing kayaks in stock at Caney Fork Outdoors. Fish Like A Boss with one our Fishing Kayak! Call 931-858-5222.

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