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Jackson Kayak's beginnings started with a design for a kid's kayak as a Father set out to full that void. In this case Eric Jackson son's Dane Jackson child prodigy turned whitewater icon. Dane has etched his name beside his father into the history books as the best all around whitewater athlete. He's clinched all three international extreme Whitewater Grand Prix titles and also placed in every discipline that existed in the international Canoe Federation Freestyle World Championship held in 2013 and he is only 18 years old. Not a bad start for a 44lb. kid age 10 in need of a whitewater kayak that would fit many white waters ago.

It was never about making a podium paddler but there has been many, it's about the making memories and a family that paddles together will make memories that last forever. That's why Jackson Kayak designs boats for everyone in the family, and let's not forget the family dog! The very first kayak Eric Jackson created was the Fun 1 when he couldn't find a boat to fit his kids. Now every kid can have the advantage of starting early with equipment that fits their size.

Jackson Kayak Fun 1 the very first kayak Eric Jackson created when he couldn't find a boat to fit his kids. Jackson Kayak Rock Star kid sized that is a 100% performance oriented boat based on the World Champ 2016 Rock Star. Jackson Kayak SideKick it's the littlest river runner featuring a flat, fast, stable, high volume hull, that will allow your "sidekick" to accompany you on your river runs. Jackson Kayak Skipper for the littlest of fishing anglers! Kids have asked, "How come grown ups get all the cool stuff on their fishing kayaks?" The Skipper is designed from the ground up with the young fisherman or fisherwoman in mind.

Tennessee Kayak Superstore the largest selection of Jackson Whitewater Kayaks in stock at Caney Fork Outdoors. Just add White and Water call 931-858-5222.
Kids Today, They're Doing It, Cause They Love It, It's Super Fun, It's Kayaking!

Emily Jackson Troutman World Women Freestyle Champion "So many people feel they plateau, or get bored of the same thing all the time. The key is to keep challenging yourself, the whitewater doesn't have to get harder, it can even get easier. Be the person who is challenging you, if you find yourself challenged by outside influences, still go at your own pace. (or else the kayaking won't be as fun and at times you may find yourself in situations you wouldn't have put yourself otherwise.)

Nick Troutman World Champion, "I love my son and I just want to share joys for the river and wilderness with him."

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