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There are few water craft if any that can boast a history as old as the kayak! The archaeological evidence for kayaks shows to be at least 2,000 years old. There is further evidence that places their origins back another 2,000 years with the total age of the kayak to be over 5,000 years. The problem in trying to date the kayak is that, because they are skin-covered, sinew lashed and wood frame, kayaks do not survive the vagaries of time well. There has never been a complete archaeological specimens (kayak) found intact. The archaeologists look for kayaking items or hunting gear usually associated with kayaks, such as bird darts, throwing boards, double bladed paddles, ivory kayak fittings and anything relative back to the use of the kayak. There is evidence found in the Aleutian Islands where pre Aleut sites date back to 1700 BC. The kayak was used by all Eskimo groups, the Aleutian Islanders, the Koryak, and Chukchi people of Siberia. The water craft was mainly used to hunt seals, walrus, and whales. But served the purpose to hunt caribou in inland lakes and rivers, to fish and tend fishing nets, to ferry people across streams, to catch birds and to pursue many other water activities.

The traditional skin covered kayak has evolved into a streamlined recreational water craft even a fishing kayak. The understanding of the Arctic roots of contemporary fiberglass kayaks, we can combine innovative features and designs from the past with the new modern materials to create a superior water craft. The kayak builders from the past adapted different designs to meet their particular needs for stealth, seaworthiness, and carrying capacity. Today the modern water sports of kayaking has flourished with many innovative kayak designs to met the growing demand for better water craft. It is relatively inexpensive sport, it is environmentally clean and it provides a means of travel to the far corners of the world. Kayaking is a wonderful way to preserve the past. We can experience the past by silently paddling a water craft that was designed to perfection over 4,000 years ago.

Whether you prefer to enjoy your time in a kayak cruising rivers, traversing lakes, meandering through wetlands, or exploring the coastlines there is a water craft build just for you explore the many kayak models at Caney Fork Outdoors online or In Store!

In 2010 Jackson Kayak teamed with pro kayak angler Drew Gregory to produce the Jackson Kayak Coosa, and truly revolutionized kayak fishing forever. The Jackson company now produce a complete line of fishing kayaks that offer all day comfort, unprecedented standability, thoroughly thought out deck designs, and unmatched accessorization. With the innovation of the Jackson Kayak Flex Drive would revolution the fishing kayak industry for hands free kayaking. The Coosa FD adds to the Jackson Coosa fishing family with a new hull that has been optimized for pedaling in a wide variety of water conditions on the rivers and lakes.

In 1950, Hobie decided to apply his love of woodworking and innovation to the water sport of surfing. The first order of balsa wood was delivery to the garage workshop. Hobie got out his draw knife and carved out his first surfboard. Thus, Hobie Cat business is born! The boards were faster, lighter, faster, and easier to ride than anything else in the water. Well, everyone wanted to be a surfer and it had to be a Hobie board! Hobie with plenty of ocean innovations and develop a sail play boat on a twin hulled catamaran. What the Hobie surfboard did for surfing, the Hobie Cat did for sailing, introducing a whole new way to have fun in the sun revolutioning the water sports industry. "More people have taken to the water on Hobie Cat then almost any other sailboat design." Hobie Cats are still the world's best selling Cats.

In 2018, Bonafide Kayaks CEO Luther Cifers and founder of Yak Attack said, "In the words of Steve Jobs, "If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution." "What sets Bonafide Kayaks apart from the rest of the pack is the attention to detail and stepping back to look at the problem from a different perspective." Luther known as being a sort of mad scientist of kayak fishing gear and also fishing kayak design. "When it comes to Kayak Design, Bonafide has thrown the book out the window. While staying true to efficient manufacturing this team has rethought everything that has come before Bonafide= genuine, the real deal, authentic that is Bonafide Kayaks." Whether lake fishing, bay fishing, ocean fishing, saltwater or freshwater fishing the Bonafide Kayaks is truly an incredible fishing kayak ready for all water conditions. The company try to see past known problems and look to how we think a system or solution should work, and we challenge ourselves with developing that vision into reality.

In 1904, Old Town Canoe & Kayak our canoes are born out of a century long tradition of quality and craftsmanship. Helen Johnson Leipoid, CEO of Johnson Outdoors, Old Town parent company says, "Plastics are where the canoe and kayak market is today, but wooden canoes are Old Town's foundation. They're gorgeous, and the employees feel a deep connection to them." "They're what Old Town is about." Old Town Canoe & Kayak is the nation's oldest canoe manufacturer but the town boat building history dates back centuries to the birch bark vessels crafted by the Penobscot, American Indian Old Town Canoe Co. which produced 250 canoes its first year."The company name was shortened in 1903. That same year Gray's son Samuel took the helm. "Samuel is the one who really developed the business," says Samuel's daughter Ruth Gray. He went heavily into advertising all over the world, which was unusually then. By the 1920 you could go anywhere and find people who knew Old Town canoes. The town became known as Canoe City early on.

In 2006, the original Nucanoe model was designed by Tim Niemer founder of Ocean Kayak, still part of Tim Niemier's Wild Design business. The fall of 2006 Tim partner with Blake Young to create Nucanoe, Inc. as a independent business that would move forward with the Nucanoe vision. Blake Young CEO of Nucanoe did not know too much about canoes or kayaks then, but he did see the opportunity for a water craft that just about anyone could use for just about anything. The growth of kayak fishing, or kayak hunting, stand up paddle boarding, and staycations, the opportunity has turned into reality. Nucanoe fishing kayaks are committed to creating high quality, innovate products.

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