Jackson Kayak Coosa FD



Product Description

The Jackson Kayak Coosa FD is all based around the top selling Coosa HD’s deck layout and hull shape. With the Flex Drive system, this allows for a hands-free propulsion out on the water. The Coosa FD has forward and reverse and has a unique articulating system that works well in deep or shallow water. The daggerboard protects the tri-blade propeller and gives the Flex Drive a performance increase. With this type of system, it makes it easy to clean and clear of obstacles. The Coosa FD is built with the high low seating position and with fore-aft trimming. With both of these combined, it makes for putting the paddler in the most comfortable position easy. The Flex Drive uses a lever to flip the tri-blade propeller down into the water. The Flex Drive is a 1:12 ratio. The Coosa FD features all the best parts of the Coosa HD, like rod tip protectors, YakAttack gear tracks, Ergo Seat, and much more! A future addition that will be able to upgrade to is a motor drive system.

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in

Jackson Kayak


Fishing, Pedal Driven


Arctic Camo, Forest Camo, Mangrove, Rockfish, Thunderstruck




102 lbs (w/drive 115 lbs)


12' 7"

Max Capacity

450 lbs




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