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The perfect fly fishing kayak is the Jackson Kayak Mayfly! All the features on this kayak is specific to the fly fishermen, like the snag-free footrest, fly box storage, unique fly rod storage, rod butt props, and fly patches. Its hull is ideal for optimizing tracking, stability, and speed. The Mayfly is great for flats, slow-moving rivers, lakes, and ponds. The Mayfly has YakAttack gear tracks all over it.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in

Jackson Kayak




Blue Fin, Forest Camo, Mahi, Mangrove, Patriot, Rockfish




12' 6"

2 reviews for Jackson Kayak Mayfly

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Another well thought out fishing platform from Jackson Kayak. The Mayfly is the first fly fishing specific kayak to hit the market. It has been designed from the ground up to eliminate the things that made fly fishing from a kayak more difficult. Great lengths have been take to eliminate anything that your fly line could snag on. I am a novice fly fisherman and I have not had my line snag on anything other than my own shoes.

    This kayak is super stable as well. This makes standing and casting easy even for a big guy like me. The stability of the Mayfly is on par with the Big Rig or even a stand-up paddleboard. The boat paddles well against current and while not as maneuverable as the Coosa HD, it is still a very respectable performer in moving water. It handles wind very well due to the low profile.

    I believe my favorite feature of the Mayfly is the new track mounted seating system. It allows for fine tuned seating adjustments fore and aft even while seated on the water. Also, with the cam buckle strap eliminated in favor of a pin based retention system, you now have full access to the under seat pocket and unobstructed access to the area under the seat. Another great feature of the Mayfly is the use of all aluminum GearTrac from YakAttack.

    Just because the Mayfly is geared toward the fly fisherman doesn’t mean that conventional tackle fishermen can’t use this kayak. The gunwale mounted rod holders can be used for baitcasting rods as well. There are also flush mount rod holders located behind the seat. Another bonus feature of the Mayfly is the ability to use a 25 or 35 quart Orion Cooler in place of the Elite Seat for a higher vantage point.

    With all of these features, you can set this kayak up for most any kind of fishing you might ever do. Another solid kayak built right here in Sparta, Tennessee by Jackson Kayak.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    ttas67 (verified owner)

    If you fly fish, why would you buy any other kayak? I owned a Tarpon 120 for about 8 years and while it was a fantastic kayak, I all but gave up trying to fly fish in it. You wouldn’t even think about standing in that boat and fly line tangles were a serious headache. This Mayfly is a total game changer, and has me excited about fly fishing from a kayak again.

    While this boat may seem pricey, consider that it’s only a fraction of the cost of even a used drift boat and gives you the versatility of fishing rivers, lakes, and saltwater. If you’re a fly fisherman who has been limited to wading access, this boat will open up another dimension for you.

    I’ve focused on fly fishing because that’s the only type of fishing I do, HOWEVER, in doing my research for this boat, it’s apparent that the traditional tackle guys are just as in love with it. Many of the more well known professional kayak anglers are using and praising this boat.

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