Why Jackson Kayak

Why Jackson Kayak, I’m Eric Jackson (known to most as EJ), four-time Freestyle Kayaking World Champion and Olympian. Most of my life has been devoted to boating and I’m proud to be able to use that experience to create the most confidence-inspiring, stable kayaks in the world. Whether you are a competitor, or cruiser, the bottom line is to be out on the water in a boat you trust, and chances are, we have what you want. Not only do we make the best selling whitewater boats in the world, but we are now building an ever-expanding lineup of recreational, touring, fishing, hunting, and kid kayaks, as well. Unlike many boat builders today, Jackson Kayak remains a small, independent company, founded by kayakers, owned by kayakers, and run by kayakers. Our boats and virtually all their components are made at our plant in the rolling hills of Tennessee on the Caney Fork River. The sign hanging in our plant says “Build it like it’s yours”, and that defines our work philosophy at Jackson Kayak. The men and women that make your boat are almost all kayakers, and work as part of the extended Jackson Kayak family, understanding what a great boat should be. They strive to make each boat one that they themselves would be proud to take home. Our designers are among the best in the business, having designed not only some of the most successful kayak models ever, but also boats used for Olympic competition, world freestyle championships, and on expedition worldwide. It all boils down to this. We are doing all we can as fellow kayakers to take care of you the best way we know how. Our heart and soul is poured into everything we do, and we are blessed to be doing what we love. We are willing to share in everything we do. Just ask around! See you on the water.

- Eric Jackson

Why Jackson Kayak , I’m Joel Martin, owner of Caney Fork Outdoors L.L.C. For more than 35 years, I have operated a rental business on the Caney Fork River in Tennessee. Renting canoes, kayaks, cabins, and tackle to fellow fisherman and paddlers of the river. As my business has grown over the years, I have come to see a growing demand for a true fishing kayak on the river. As a changing part of the fishing community was evolving into a growing paddling community, at Caney Fork Outdoors L.L.C. began my search for a fishing kayak, after looking at many of so-called fishing kayaks. There was the “Jackson Kayak Coosa” and I was immediately sold. This was the kayak with everything for the fisherman and more. So our relationship with Jackson Kayak began here. I have come to believe that Jackson Kayak not only makes the best kayak on the market today, but is much more than a mere company. The Jacksons’ family and their employees believe and take pride in what they are doing. I truly believe them, when they say “BUILD IT LIKE IT YOURS’. My business has been here for many years, and I have see many companies come and go, but we have always looked for a company that believes in family, people, and helping others along the way. Sharing and teaching people to enjoy and love the great outdoors. I love the same river that Eric Jackson fell in love with 8 years ago. Of all the places that the Jacksons’ family could have settled on across this great country. He choose the Caney Fork River in Rock Island, Tennessee for his home and business. I guess that is the same thing that my Martin ancestor thought in 1795, when he settled in Rock Island, Tennessee on the Caney Fork River for his way of life and his home. What a beautiful river, we all can share! That’s why Jackson Kayak ! “Life is a journey, spend it on the river.”

- Joel Martin

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