The Jackson Kayak Big Rig FD Walkthrough with Bridgett Howard

Posted by Bridgett Howard on Jan 19th 2019

The Jackson Kayak Big Rig FD Walkthrough with Bridgett Howard

Hey fellows Bridgett here with the Jackson Kayak Fishing Team and I am super super excited to be introducing the new Jackson Kayak Big Rig HD/FD in the FD configuration. The Big Rig has been a fan favorite for many many years. Why? Because it's stable you can pack a whole lot of gear on it. You have asked for a pedal drive version of the Big Rig and that's what we've done. So let's take a look at some of the features on the Big Rig FD that set it apart.

Let's start up at the bow of the kayak. The handles ahave be significantly improved, so it has a lot more grip, softer, and more comfortable to carry your kayak around. This handle improvement has been done to most of the Jackson Kayak models this year.

Next we have a nice big tank well up front that uses hinging hatch cover. All you need to do is flip over the locking handles. This makes it easy to get inside of the Big Rig FD. Within the front hatch, we have the front hatch bin. The bin is great for having smaller items on top instead of inside the kayak.

On top of the hatch cover, Jackson Kayak's has added the hypalon paddle keeper. You can tuck your paddle under that paddle keeper so if you needed to do something really quick. You have some place to put your paddle.

With that being said, the Big Rig FD has the stern hatch cover. This makes it easy access to the inside of the kayak from the back and front. Place to store your rods, overnight gear, camping equipment, or whatever you want.

On the Big Rig FD/HD it has the rod troughs and 4 rod tip protectors. Along with 2 2 tier rod butt stagers. This allows the rods to be separated. Jackson ended up make the rod trough a little wider than the regular Big Rig. On the sides there is paddle clips. There is geartracks all over this kayak.

The pod is interchangeable where you can choose the Flex Drive or just paddling the kayak, which will be able to also have the electronic drive.

The seat has molly webbing on the back of the seat and under it in order to put different types of accessories. This helps dial in on storage on this kayak. Next to the seat is the handle controls.

Behind the seat is the fly reel pocket along with the fly rod management systems, which will allow for up to a 9 foot fly rod. The system will keep it secure on either side of the Big Rig FD/HD. The YakAttack Omega Rod Holder will come standard with the this kayak. Next to the fly rod management system is the flush mount rod holders.

Straight behind the seat is the big rear tank well that has adjustable bungee system, and behind that is the large stern hatch cover which will also cover the rudder system.

When comparing the Big Rig FD/HD to the original Big Rig, the original Big Rig was steady but it wasn't the fastest. In order to change that for the Big Rig FD/HD what Jackson Kayak has done is along the keel works in concert with the rudder so these are working together to increase your maneuverability that you will want.

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