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Anchor Wizard

Anchor Wizard

Kayak Anchoring System

$149.99 $134.99

Anchor Wizard has created a complete kayak anchor system with a revolutionary spool design to contain up to 60 feet of 1/8" anchor line. Turn the handle backward to drop your anchor in a free-spool...

Welcome to our Anchor Wizard the Ultimate Kayak Anchoring System online store. Expert advice from our experienced fishing staff of over 40 years.

Anchor Wizard anchoring systems are the kayak fishing anchoring solutions! The anchor system is for all your anchoring needs for deploying and retrieving anchors, for fishing kayaks, fishing boats, duck kayaks, pontoon anchoring systems, and recreation boating. If you are looking for a better way and easier way to anchor your kayak or boat, the Anchor Wizard system is your answer.

The Anchor Wizard is a complete kayak angler anchor system with a revolutionary spool design to hold up to 60 feet of 1/8" anchor line. The design makes anchor management for the kayak fisherman a real breeze. The anchoring system works in fresh or saltwater and has never been easier to use from a kayak.

Are you a professional kayak fishing guide who fishes hard for your clients catch everyday of the week or just a regular fishing angler like the rest of us. Then the anchor wizard is what you want on your kayak. The anchoring system is built to last and designed to take all the work out of anchoring to fish in deep water. Anchor Wizard is made right here in the U.S.A. Discover what you have been missing the real hot fishing spots, get a Anchor Wizard now!

Shop for ultimate kayak anchoring system online or local pick up. Buy Anchor Wizard online here Free Shipping with $49.00 purchase.