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Aqua Bound

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Welcome to our Aqua Bound Paddles online store for all adventures from Whitewater kayaking to Kayak Fishing. Expert recommendations from our experienced on the water staff for over 40 years.

Aqua Bound Paddles as the world's largest manufacturer of quality kayak and stand-up paddles the trusted name in quality paddles. Every single component in Aqua Bound paddles is of the most durable, lightweight, reasonably sourced raw materials. There is countless hours spent designing, prototyping, testing, and perfecting each of the paddles. Then with all of that done, we go back and look at more ways to build the paddle even better then the first. The Aqua Bound paddle is the lighter, smarter, more durable, and more beautiful in the industry. The company tests every part and know it's the best material and design possible.The building that goes into quality paddles means when you're on the water in the ocean or lake, you can trust the paddle to be the best performance, no matter what. Aqua Bound paddles are the lifelong companions on all adventures short and long.

Bending Branches is known for its high end wood paddles has been manufacturing canoe and kayak paddles since 1982. The Aqua Bound Paddles is credited as the first company to utilize gas assist injection molding technology in their manufacturing of kayak paddles. Joe Matuska the founder Nimbus Kayaks then selling it to his partner before launching Aqua Bound Paddles. Then the merger of the two greats paddle companies Aqua Bound and Bending Branches coming together to produce the best paddles in the industry. Ed Vater President of Bending Branches said, "What he saw in Aqua Bound, beyond just high quality product is a similar culture and a commitment to excellent product and service." "Joe Matuska and Ed Vater feel that an independent and privately owned business that is beholden to stock holders is able to provide a personal touch missing from many businesses," said Vader. The Bending Branches and Aqua Bound both companies have been recognized for excellent manufacturing of great paddles. Now the bar has been set even higher for quality designed products.

Tennessee Aqua Bound Authorized Dealer online store or local pick up. Shop the large selection of Aqua Bound Paddles online store here.