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Nocqua Adventure Gear

Nocqua Adventure Gear

Nocqua Pro Power Kit 10Ah


We designed the Nocqua Pro Power Kit 10Ah to work for you and keep you powered for the long haul. The central component, the Lithium Ion Battery, was initially developed from the ground up to...

Welcome to our Nocqua online store all your favorite Nocqua Adventure Gear online. Expert recommendations from our experienced kayak fishing staff of over 40 years.

Nocqua designed to power your outdoor and water sports adventure. The company in 2013, introduce the next generation of underwater lightning system designed to mount underneath your boat, for the experience at night with Nocqua Adventure Gear. Adjustable waterproof LED lights to light the water for your stand up boards, recreation kayaks, and fishing kayaks. They know adventure their innovative and flexible product lines of Pro Power Battery Packs and LED lightning systems were developed with insight into the water sports of the great outdoors. The Nocqua Pro Power Battery Packs is like a pocket on a shirt to a serious fresh or saltwater angler the possibilities are endless. The Pro Power Battery 12V rechargeable power source is for all fish finders, depth finders, and all your other electrical components. The battery pack easy of wiring capabilities, compact design, and high power capacity is what launched the first Nocqua Pro Power kit in the kayak fishing market. The Pro Power kit is the favorite of anglers, hikers, kayakers, and adventurers across the country. There is a growing number of power options and adapters means never cutting your adventure short due to a dead device. The brand of adventure to get you out on to your favorite fishing hole, the highest mountain top, kayak to see the night stars, or paddle the ocean horizons, Nocqua Adventure Gear is here to help you keep the adventure going. Waters across the world are glowing with light! Get the number one product that never let's you down!

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