YakAttack BlackPak – A Durable Piece Of Gear

Posted by Darrell Klein on Jul 15th 2019

I must admit, I was initially a little hesitant to put down the money to buy the BlackPak from YakAttack. The $125 retail price is nothing to sneeze at for sure. However, after a full season of use, in my mind it is worth every penny. The YakAttack BlackPak is made right here in the USA and is a very durable piece of gear specifically made for kayak fishing. First off, I am fully aware that not everyone can drop $125 on a single piece of kayak fishing gear. I have made many of my own kayak fishing accessories myself and know firsthand about having to stay within a budget. I have made several of my own kayak fishing crates. The key word here is several. It seemed that although I learned something new with each subsequent crate build, there was always something that just wasn’t quite right. With the money I spent buying crates and parts to modify them for kayak fishing, I could have been well on my way to purchasing the YakAttack BlackPak. Another consideration is time. I used to love occupying my time between fishing trips by dabbling in various do-it-yourself projects including building and improving my kayak crate. As a busy father of two now, I simply do not have the time for such projects. If I do find myself with the time, I would rather spend that with my family. Your time certainly has value so don’t forget that when weighing the sticker price of a piece of gear. As I mentioned earlier, I have put my YakAttack BlackPak through a full season of use. I has been tossed around in my garage. It has bounced around in the storage bin on my kayak trailer for over 4,000 miles. After all of this, a simple wipe down can having it looking as good as new. The BlackPak is very durable and was designed specifically for its intended use by people that fish from a kayak. My favorite design feature of the BlackPak is the built-in cutouts that help secure it to your kayak with the bungee cord found in the tank well of most if not all fishing kayaks. This feature alone solved the biggest issue I had with my homemade crates. If you have been on the fence about whether or not to add the BlackPak from YakAttack to your list of gear, I strongly urge you to take the plunge. For me, it has been one of those purchases I wish I had made sooner. The BlackPak is available from Caney Fork Outdoors. Stop in the shop or give them a call at (931)858-5222 or email at for details on how to order yours today.

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