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Darrell Klein's Rigging For Fishing on the Blue Sky Boatworks 360 Angler
I want to do a quick walk around of my Blue Sky Boatworks 360 Angler. There is a lot of videos showing our people's rigging, but I wanted everyone to see my rigging. He is a fast look at how I get it ready for fishing. I got the Orion Coolers 25 quart strapped down to the front porch, which is perfect for it. I got the NRS Straps holding it down. You can order any …
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The 360 Angler From Blue Sky Boatworks Supreme Stability And Comfort In A Human-Powered Watercraft
Let’s get one thing out of the way first. The 360 Angler from Blue Sky Boatworks is not a kayak. It is not trying to be a kayak. I suspect this is why Jackson Kayak launched this project under a brand name not including the word kayak. What the 360 Angler is, is a human powered boat that can be used in a lot of the same situations as a kayak which of course includes place …
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NRS Boundary Shoe – One Of My Best Gear Purchases

Posted by Darrell Klein on Nov 5th 2018

As the water temperatures cool down each fall, we as kayak anglers have to start thinking about how we are going to keep our feet warm and dry as we enter and exit our watercraft. In the past, I had used knee-high rubber boots. The cost was nice and they got the job done from a functional standpoint so I tolerated them for a couple of seasons. There was one major drawback to …
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Are The Name Brands Really Worth The Extra Money?

Posted by Darrell Klein on May 10th 2018

Jackson Kayaks – Made in Tennessee, USAA question I get asked all the time is some form of the following. “Are the more expensive name brand fishing kayaks worth the extra cost?” The answer for me is yes. However, I realize that everyone has a different budget and nothing I say here will change that. The best kayak is the best one you can afford and gets you off the banks and o …
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