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Old Town Canoe & Kayak

Old Town Topwater 106


The all-new Old Town Topwater 106 offers large fishing kayak performance, in a compact, nimble package. A marriage of stability and performance, the Topwater, with the all-new ultra-stable...

Old Town Topwater 120


The all-new Old Town Topwater 120 offers large fishing kayak performance, in a compact, nimble package. A marriage of stability and performance, the Topwater, with the all-new ultra-stable...

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Welcome to our Old Town Canoe & Kayak online store where you can buy with confidence. Expert recommendations from our on the water staff of over 40 years.

Old Town Canoe Kayaks company is the world's oldest, and largest, best known American canoe designer and manufacturer in the U.S.A. Old Town Canoe Kayaks is the trailblazers of canoe builders of the 20th century! In 1898, first canoe was built by A.E. Wickett behind the Gray's Hardware store along the Penobscot River in Old Town, Maine. The canoe was inspired by the birch bark canoes of the local Penobscot River. First known as Indian Old Town Canoe company the firm was incorporate in 1903 with the name changed. Sailing canoes gained popularity during the early 1900's and were hot selling canoes! In 1917, Old Town Canoe Kayaks entered the sport fishing and angler market with the introduction of a square stern canoe model for the detachable motor. By 1923, they became the distribution of Johnson Outboard Motors. The company was acquired by Johnson Outdoors in 2004 and added paddle manufacturing to the production facility.

The Old Town Canoe Kayaks company is one of the few Maine businesses to achieved legendary status! The company in 1998 celebrated it's 100th anniversary in Old Town, Maine! All while staying true to their Northeast heritage and 119 year legacy of quality and innovation. Old Town Canoes has spent over a century innovating boat after cutting edge boat with a long legacy of quality craftsmanship. "Our plans for the future is by using passion for adventure to craft the finest boats on the water!"

Old Town tradition of quality and performance that is at the heart of every boat still build today. Every hull, gunwale, and seat goes thru the most meticulous and detailed design process in the watercraft industry, ensuring the best canoes, recreation kayaks, and fishing kayaks continues. The kayaking and canoeing adventure never ends by offering a lifetime hull warranty. The new Topwater line of kayaks is a fresh take at an angling oriented watercraft designed for a maximum fishing adventure at an affordable price. If you are considering kayak fishing as a new venture, looking to just add a smaller, nimble, boat to your fleet the Topwater fishing kayak will not let you down. The Predator fishing kayak series offers an entirely new fishing experience. The game changer of the Predator fishing kayak is the combination of the Minn Kota motor and foot controlled rudder system, which allows for hands free fishing. The Predator bridges the gap between fishing kayaks, bass boats, and the tournament fishing angler.

"There are a lot of Old Town Canoes out there and they last forever. It is part of our heritage. It will never go ago," states Old Town Canoes.

Tennessee Old Town Canoe Kayaks Authorized Dealer for Predators Fishing Kayaks, Recreation Kayaks, Canoes. Shop Old Town Canoe Kayaks fishing online store here.