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Flex Drive, Pedal Drive, Mirage Drive, PDL Drive, H-2Pro Drive and the latest E-Drive The next generation of the latest paddle craft has arrived without the need of a paddle. Flex Drive, Pedal Drive, Mirage Drive, H-2Pro Drive, PDL Drive, and even a E-Drive (electric motor) are here to go the distance. The pedal drives kayaks are remarkably stable, efficient, fast, reliable, fishable, and hands free, they're the go to choice of anglers for fresh and salt water. The pedal drives fishing kayaks have a broader range of pedal propulsion systems offering kayak anglers enhanced freedom, maneuverability, and fishability. The ability to have two hands free to fish is the reason why kayak anglers have sought additional methods to regular paddling strokes. Having the ability to use both of your hands for casting and fighting the fish without juggling, searching for a paddle is the ultimate advantage. There are times of windy conditions, current, around tightly grouped fish, with the ability to stay in the same spot without using a paddle would guarantee greater success. Then there is the fact leg muscles are stronger than any arm muscles so you can fish longer or tour longer enhancing your experience on the water. The pedal drives also gets you moving faster covering more waterways than ever before. The time has arrived you can use your leg power and pedal through the rough seas, oceans, and rivers without ever over exerting yourself. These pedal drives fishing kayaks is the answer to every angler dilemma a must have two hands free for the big one! You can keep your hands doing the paddling and get tired quickly or get on the boat with a new pedal drive. Thus you can enhance your fishing adventure by purchasing one of the many choices of the latest Pedal Drive, Flex Drive, PDL Drive, Mirage Drive, H-2 Pro Drive, Minn Kota, or the newest E-Drive!

All the newest models and the latest innovations from the best U.S.A. kayak fishing brands, there's a number of choices from pedal drive to mirage drive kayaks to choose from.

Jackson Kayak Big Rig FD,Jackson Kayak Coosa FD, Jackson Kayak Cruise FD option to add a E-Drive "What could be more exciting we love to innovate new Jackson products," says Eric Jackson President of Jackson Kayak.

Blue Sky Boatworks 360 Angler, 360 Escape, Tri-Cat option to add a E-Drive Blue Sky Boatworks the multi-hull watercraft that takes comfort, ease of propulsion and standup stability to new levels, the Blue Sky 360 Angler, 360 Escape, and Tri-Cat opens up a world of adventure possibilities."Taking the best from the kayak and boat worlds and blending them into one awesome fishing machine," Drew Gregory.

Hobie Pro Angler 12, Hobie Pro Angler 14, Hobie Outback, Hobie i11S, Hobie Mirage Revolution with option to Evolve Hobie's Fishing Product Manager Morgan Promnitz says, "I have no doubt that pedaling is more comfortable than paddling, it's easier on the back, a drier ride, quieter, plus your leg muscles are stronger than your arms, so you can fish for longer and cover more water. I can't go back to fishing from a paddle kayak, unless I'm in a super shallow river or flat waters that span for miles, but then I'm moving and hopping out of the kayak to cast."

Old Town Predator PDL Old Town Predator Minn-Kota "Our drive works off a traditional pedal system (like a bike) and also runs using a prop drive," says David Hadden. "This allows the angler to go both forward and in reverse, while others have a system, we believe ours is simpler to use," says David Hadden brand director for Old Town Canoes & Kayaks.

Nucanoe H-2 Pro Drive It's a lot like pedaling a bike but much easier to ride," since you can go from forward to reverse just by pedaling backward, and not have to use your hands, that is significant benefit when fighting a fish," Blake Young CEO Nucanoe.

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